Sunday, January 28, 2018

rapidpunches: SUBMIT!! JOIN THE DIRTY THIRTY ZINE!!* I’m...



I’m making a tiny monthly zine to release at the end of every month! I’m accepting submissions for February now!

  • Long spreads are the pixel count shown, or 5.5 by 2.13 in (13.97 by 5.40 cm).
  • Tall spreads are 4.25 by 2.75in (10.80 by 6.99cm).
  • Single page (like cover or back) are 2.75 by 2.13in (6.99 by 5.40 cm).
  • One submission per artist. Drawings, traditional or digital, or photo but all must be grayscale. That means black and white only (saves time and keeps printing cost low for everyone)!
  • Writing can be submitted too but the space is very limited so the only text allowed is haiku or a six word story.
  • Send your submissions and or questions to me, rapidpunches at gmail.

Reserve your page space now! Specify in the email whether you’d like a tall or long page spread. I also need a cover artist and back cover artist. If I run out of page space I will put your submission in the next month’s zine.

*(If you want to make a zine entirely yourself I included the numbered template so you know where the spreads, creases, and etc are!! Make sure the cover and page 1, plus back and page 16 line up !!)

Time to hit that zone scene!

@rapidpunches is going start a zine, I’m going to start submitting…

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