Monday, April 25, 2016

Neon Neuron Podcast -Episode - 4 - The Darkest of Lights

The Neon Neuron Podcast - Episode - 4 - The Darkest of Lights

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Neurons and Neuronettes, Welcome back to the Neuroniverse! Today I have the pleasure of speaking with The Darkest of Lights herself Samantha Pina. A multi talented witch who is well versed in the occult and esoteric. She shares her passion for creating magical and mystical items like wands and sigil making, paintings and hand-made jewelry. And she even enlightens me on how to use crystals to enhance water!

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Music this episode:

Last Year's Nest
Nostalgic For Guillotines
Artist: Boy Sets Fire

Was That Away Message For Me
Artist: 8bit Betty

It's A Long Way To The Top
Artist: Miniroc

Gameboy Rock!
Artist: Wizwars

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