Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stocking Anarchy Papercraft Progress

Stocking Anarchy Papercraft WIP

It's slow going, but going none-the-less! Here we see the beginning stages of an un-fold. Fun stuff and a lot of work. A LOT!

The legs are separated into different sections (as are the other parts of the body). This for a couple of reasons. I want to mimic the construction of garage model kits, and make the model more sturdy. By connecting several layers of paper the figure will have more support. Seen here is the first stages of separating the many different pieces that will make up the final segments. What a mess...

And, finally we see the complete unfold. Spread across four sheets of paper, Stocking will stand approximately 7 - 8 inches. This, really takes most of the time. Adjusting tabs, organizing the pieces, laying them out in a some what cohesive manner. I don't get paid enough for this...

The real payoff is seeing the model come together in tangible form. It doesn't look like much now, but, can you imagine this leg in 90lb card, with texture? It would be fantastic! 
Well, that's the update for now, I am really getting excited about this model. Stay tuned for more boys and girls!

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