Sunday, January 31, 2016

Next Project: Finishing Stocking Anarchy PS and G

Stocking Anarchy Papercraft Project

Here's a little something I started a couple years ago, but my inexperience got the better of me and I put it away. I think it's about time I finish this little endeavor. 
For those who don't know, this is Stocking Anarchy from the series 
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
PS & G is a wacky, high speed cartoon produced by none other than Studio Gainax. Stocking is the younger of two sisters, has a calm, collected disposition and an insatiable sweet tooth. Stocking can transform her stocking into "Stripes", a pair of katana that she wields to fight off demons, ghost and evil spirits.

I started modeling her after searching the web for a decent papercraft version and finding very little. There were also a couple 3d models floating around, but nothing usable. I then turned to Metasequoia (2 at the time) and began fumbling around with a workable 3d model. Not being very skilled, I put her away until now and with the help of the updated Metasequoia 4, I'm continuing the work.

Here, I'm building off the old model and trying to remember what I was going for.

I started getting the hang of it again. I had to remap everything because the UVs didn't translate in Meta4. It was good practice though, Meta4 has some real good updates.

I decided to change the stance to something more interesting. It's kind of boring just having Stocking standing there doing nothing.

A little adjustment here and there. Once I get something I want to work with, I'll unfold it in Pepakura and start with the test builds. If anyone is interested in the test builds, shoot me a line! And, that's all for today...
Until next time!

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