Sunday, January 31, 2016

Next Project: Finishing Stocking Anarchy PS and G

Stocking Anarchy Papercraft Project

Here's a little something I started a couple years ago, but my inexperience got the better of me and I put it away. I think it's about time I finish this little endeavor. 
For those who don't know, this is Stocking Anarchy from the series 
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
PS & G is a wacky, high speed cartoon produced by none other than Studio Gainax. Stocking is the younger of two sisters, has a calm, collected disposition and an insatiable sweet tooth. Stocking can transform her stocking into "Stripes", a pair of katana that she wields to fight off demons, ghost and evil spirits.

I started modeling her after searching the web for a decent papercraft version and finding very little. There were also a couple 3d models floating around, but nothing usable. I then turned to Metasequoia (2 at the time) and began fumbling around with a workable 3d model. Not being very skilled, I put her away until now and with the help of the updated Metasequoia 4, I'm continuing the work.

Here, I'm building off the old model and trying to remember what I was going for.

I started getting the hang of it again. I had to remap everything because the UVs didn't translate in Meta4. It was good practice though, Meta4 has some real good updates.

I decided to change the stance to something more interesting. It's kind of boring just having Stocking standing there doing nothing.

A little adjustment here and there. Once I get something I want to work with, I'll unfold it in Pepakura and start with the test builds. If anyone is interested in the test builds, shoot me a line! And, that's all for today...
Until next time!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

RWBY Ruby Rose Papercraft Finished!

Ruby Rose Finished Figure

After hours and hours of intensive work.
Cutting and gluing... Scoring and folding...

She's finally finished!
From head to boot, what a FANTASTIC model! The pictures hardly do her justice, she is definitely something that must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. The difficulty level is moderate - high. Not to many intricate parts, but some very intricate folds which give Ruby a nice continuous shape. The most difficult being her hands, followed by her boots. Ruby's scythe was the easiest thing to assemble, being its simply a silhouette, but really brings the whole model together. In the end she ended up being approximately 42 cm tall and definitely the largest model I have built yet.

My favorite part has got be Ruby's skirt. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have scored it so heavily, and let the creases roll more than fold to give it a more natural look. But, even as they are now, I'm still impressed by them. Her hair looks pretty rad, too!

You can see, I painted the back of her hood and under her skirt with a light red watercolor. 

I was actually surprised how big her scythe turned out to be. I walked around the house swinging it for awhile. I added extra support on the back to keep it from curling.

Another thing that astonished me, she was very capable of holding the scythe. Ruby actually held the scythe on her own, no glue or tape!

You can't tell me this isn't cool...

And that's that! 
It has been a most fantastic journey. From print to pose, thanks to all who came along for the ride. Thanks for the "Likes" and "Shares", and the questions and interest. If anyone is interested in a Ruby of their own, you can download

And a very special thanks to S.V. for an awesome papercraft!
Thanks, folks!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ruby Rose RWBY Papercraft - WIP

Ruby Rose Papercraft

Well, there hasn't been an update around the Neuroniverse in quite some time. But, that doesn't mean things haven't been happening. Anyway, here's a little something I've been working on. You might recognize her...

It's Ruby Rose from RWBY!
If you're interested in building your own
you can find it at the link below, along with building instructions.

Here's a few pictures of my progress, so far. 
Looking to finish her up soon!

Her skirt, with a very cool ripple fold effect. Next time, I'm not going to crease it so it has a more natural feel. 

Here Ruby is with her skirt on...
But, what's missing? 
Oh, yeah... Legs!

Coming right up!

Just have to finish her boots and then her Scythe.
When finished, Ruby will stand at about 12 inches!
Stay tuned for the final build...
Until then, enjoy a picture of a cat 
who loves sticking his head in plastic bags

I don't ask to many questions...