Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today in the Neuroniverse...The Troop-cast

The Troop-cast Blogsite

The Troop-cast blogsite has received a much needed facelift. Stop over and see for yourself!
If you aren't familiar with The Troop-cast it's the creation of Michael P. Artist and R. Gabriel R., and is a podcast that invites you to sit around the Illuminated Campfire Area and join the discussion about the nature of reality, living in this crazy society, while trying out different philosophies and discovering new and amazing things through theology.
Sometimes, however, they just shoot the bull. Life, am I right? It's weird...
So, for some good ol' story telling, eavesdropping or things to make you think just click the link below
Illuminated Campfire Area of the Troop

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