Sunday, December 15, 2013

Neon Alpha Badger Custom

The Neon Badger Custom

I took the time to throw together a custom skin
for Marshall Alexander's papertoy Alpha Badger.

This was a fun model to put together. My over all design is based on the Neon Neuron. Gears, energy source and propulsion.

You can download the Neon Alpha Badger

Monday, December 9, 2013



So, I've been super busy lately!
A good kind of busy.
Redesigning an old model, 
finalizing a current model 
and working on new models!

The Paper Custodian helps me keep ideas fresh by
looking at what other creators are doing with paper.
Some really good things, really neat techniques
and some amazing innovations. 
If you haven't already, head over to TPC and
see some exciting papertoys by other creators!

Working on my own projects it very fulfilling, too!
And nearing completion on any model is such a great feeling,
I can't wait to share the designs with other builders and see my 
papertoys come to life. 

Here are some of the things I've been doing lately...

Argon Neuron

Here is look at how I've updated my papertoy Argon Neuron. I thought the first design was too plain. Since the template is very simple, I wanted the design to be more dynamic and textured.
 Here you can see some of the detail around Argon's body. The arms are designed to remove and replace, so you can change the position. I like the way the wings turned out, and the ability to curl her antenna or style it however you want.
 I changed some of her features here. I like the way she looks with her eyes closed, but, it was hard to see against the purple. I opted to make her eyes open. I also added more detail to her mouth to give it more depth. And, made her antenna thicker. I might end up adding different expressions, later on.

Walk Among Us!

 This is an old project of mine. The Rise Upper: Walk Among Us model. I created this about 2-3 years ago and at the time really liked the design. Quickly other things started happening and I began designing more toys. The demanded of my time was such that RU:WAU sat on the back burner for a while.
 I found this template in a stack of papertoys I printed out to build, but, the stack got shuffled around and move and put away until this past week; when I rediscovered and decided to build it. I think the time away has rekindled my fondness of the model.
Here you can see the details of the texture. I was inspired by the texture work and papertoys of VinsArt. He is still a big inspiration in how far papertoys can go. 
You can see his work >HERE<

The Walk Among Us model may be available later.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Head over to the Paper Custodians Workbench!

Today the Paper Custodian has a new friend to share!
It's Ely the Cyclops created by master craftsman Macula This is an easy project for all ages!
So, head over to TPC build blog and join in the fun.
Click >HERE< to go