Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Minor Update: Finally some links in the chain!

Neon Neuron: Updates!

So, it has been a couple weeks with very little on the updates, with papercrafts, arts and other things. Today, though, I was able to get some links added to the website link page!
Check it:

Pretty cool right? I hope so.
We got here, the "Cool Places" list.
If you need a place to go, surfing the net all aimless and bored, you can head to one of these inspiring links and have your head filled with amazing, wondrous things! Kinda' like Willy's chocolate factory...but, with paper!

I'm not trying to sell you a lemon!

Speaking of trying to sell lemons...
I've been using AdWords to see if it could help generate some extra income, which from a business perspective is the smart thing to do. However, I've been looking at some of the ads that are circulating on my blogs and I don't really feel like these products, items or services best represent what I believe in.
Basically, I don't want to try and sell something I wouldn't buy myself.
I'll be removing Adwords from all my pages, and in the process, losing a bunch of earning potential. It's a huge risk, but, I feel it's a necessary one to stay true to the Neon Neuron ideals.
Stay true, Peeps!
Michael P., Artist

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