Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trials and Tribulations of Papercrafts...

The Workbench Toolkit...

     I learned quite a bit about tools of the trade while working on this last project for the Paper Custodian.
    First thing is, the quality of paper is always questionable. A few months ago we invested a few dollars in several packages of 'premium' matte photo paper we found on clearance at the local mega-mart. The paper is superbly bright, of heavy stock and it takes ink very well. One, thing it doesn't take kindly to is glue. Glue! This is probably due to the fact that photo-papers are coated with resin of some form or another. The glue sticks more to the resin than the paper, which doesn't create an ideal bond. I notice this before because parts of my papertoys were falling off when I would rearrange or move them from one shelf to another. In the far future, I'll just buy premium card stock from a brand like Wausau.  I've used their paper in the past with great results.
     Second thing is, I really need to build some sort of staging area. Something in a neutral color, with a decent backdrop and good lighting. The table clothes and cutting boards have a big effect on the quality of the pictures being taken; colors being inconsistent, lighting and shadow casting obscuring folds, tabs and lines.

     Lastly, I should always keep a damp rag handy for when I need to clean off tool, my hand or messes that can cause glue to smear on the craft. While most of the globs of dried glue are not visible to the naked eye, these blemishes are very evident when photographed with a flash.

    Live and learn, isn't that what they say?


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

E(Z) Uppers! Group 1 Complete

E(Z) Uppers Series:1 Group 1 Now Complete!

Finished with the first group of the Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers!  Series:1.
There will be a few more groups coming out, all of them based of the "Fight With Tools" theme.
This toy series was inspired by many things, culture, art, society, music and politics. I wanted to create something with a message, rather than something that just looks  cool. 

I also wanted to have something that anyone can build. Something "easy", which is where the name Epsilon(Zeta) originates. And, at the same time create something that could be easily relatable by everyone. 
I tried to incorporate a small bit of customization, so people can switch and combine elements from each toy. The hair, the faces, the accessories and the tools. So, while we have the Artist, the Musician, the Technologist, the Conservationist and the Laborer, you can easily trade and change items based on your own preferences and make each one unique.

This was, in effect, the culmination of that desire.

Don't just occupy space, Utilize Space!

Here we see how you can change the hair form one to another. There will be more hairstyles with the future releases. So, that's something to look forward. I also encourage customizing on the fly, make your own, DIY. Don't let these toys inhibit your creativity, utilize them a jump-off point into something else! Make your own tools.

E(Z) Uppers Series 1:"Fight With Tools"
Download NOW

Saturday, August 17, 2013

E(Z) Uppers! Laborer Now Available!

  You Are Not Your Job!
You Deserve
Living Wage! Health Care!
If You Don't Do their Dirty Work, Who Will?
You Are The Backbone Of This Country
They Need To Know it!

How do YOU fight? What are YOUR tools?
R.U. Ready to RISE UP?
E(Z) Uppers Series 1:"Fight With Tools" the second couple.
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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Paper Custodian Updates after a Long Month of Hiatus!

A Long, unwelcome vacation from the paper craft workbench.

After too long away from the work bench, the Paper Custodian returns to the workbench with the Nice Paper Toys mascot...
Nice Paper Toy!
This was a fun build. Really fast and easy with hardly a complex moment. The hardest thing about Nice Paper Toy is cutting out his hands. But, as you can see above, the little details are worth the extra care and effort. 
I'd also like to add, that while you are visiting the Paper Custodian, you can relax without worrying about being sold something that you don't need because The Paper Custodian is...
So, enjoy your stay in the Neuroniverse.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Minor Update: Finally some links in the chain!

Neon Neuron: Updates!

So, it has been a couple weeks with very little on the updates, with papercrafts, arts and other things. Today, though, I was able to get some links added to the website link page!
Check it:

Pretty cool right? I hope so.
We got here, the "Cool Places" list.
If you need a place to go, surfing the net all aimless and bored, you can head to one of these inspiring links and have your head filled with amazing, wondrous things! Kinda' like Willy's chocolate factory...but, with paper!

I'm not trying to sell you a lemon!

Speaking of trying to sell lemons...
I've been using AdWords to see if it could help generate some extra income, which from a business perspective is the smart thing to do. However, I've been looking at some of the ads that are circulating on my blogs and I don't really feel like these products, items or services best represent what I believe in.
Basically, I don't want to try and sell something I wouldn't buy myself.
I'll be removing Adwords from all my pages, and in the process, losing a bunch of earning potential. It's a huge risk, but, I feel it's a necessary one to stay true to the Neon Neuron ideals.
Stay true, Peeps!
Michael P., Artist