Saturday, July 13, 2013

/E(Z) Upper Release 7/20

E(Z) Uppers Launch Postponed

Well, Bad news. 
After what I thought were the final templates, the last build shows that they still need a bit more tweaking to help solidify the design and help the toys live up to their namesake. I' m postponing the release for one more week to work this out.
There's really a lot of work that goes into designing papercraft. From planning to final product, there is a lot of building in between. And that is the time consuming part. It's fun building a model for the first time, but, after the ump-teenth time, there is very little joy. It is a patience builder for sure because it's really easy to just want to get it done and become sloppy, but accuracy is what you need to achieve in order to produce a quality toy.
I am happy with the way the toy looks when fully built, I just want to make sure "YOU" the builder enjoy the building. Take a look at the  final products.

Meet the Models

On the left we have the Musician. He's rocking a Fender Strat and a Boy Sets Fire shirt. He also has a stylish watch and studded bracelet. His weapon is hard hitting music that penetrates to the core, ideas of brotherhood and unity.
On the right we have the Artist. She's wearing a DIY "Question Authority" shirt, a checker sweat band on on arm, and an anarchy wrist watch on the other. She has a sketchbook where she keeps all her best laid plans, schemes and dreams to bring down the tyrannical oppressors of the people.

Look for them
On 7/20

Neon Neuron

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