Saturday, July 27, 2013

E(Z) Uppers! Series 1: Fight With Tools! The Second Couple

Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers...Series 1...Second Couple...GO!

"Citizen-Jounalist" sharing the news that corporate owned newscasters aren't paid to bring you!
"Tree-Huggers" protect our natural resources from depletion and destruction!

How do YOU fight? What are YOUR tools?

E(Z) Uppers Series 1:"Fight With Tools" the second couple.
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

E(Z) Upper...ENGAGE!

Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers...Series 1...GO!

We are launching the Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! Series 1: Fight With Tools, today. 
Head over to the website and download the first couple.

Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! 
E(Z) Uppers! is a line of Neon Neuron Rise Uppers
Paper toy that are easy to assemble and fun to collect.
From Series to One-offs these are just the thing to spread the word, start a movement
or occupy space!
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Friday, July 19, 2013

07/14 Minor Update

Did a minor update in anticipation of the release of Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! Series 1: "Fight With Tools", which will be this Saturday, 7/20.
Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! 
E(Z) Uppers! is a line of Neon Neuron Rise Uppers
Paper toy that are easy to assemble and fun to collect.
From Series to One-offs these are just the thing to spread the word, start a movement
or occupy space!
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Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! will be available for download Saturday 7/20

Monday, July 15, 2013

By Your Powers Combined!

Hexaflexagon, what!?

I saw this video today, and aside from being very impressed and mind-blown, I asked myself where was this when I was growing up. Not only is this a very well done video, with the production and all, it's also informative. VERY informative. Allow me to show you the video from Youtube user Vihart:

It gets the creative juices flowing. How can something like this be incorporated into designing papercraft? How can we break the threshold of static designs into something more interactive and innovativve? How!?

Origami hearts Papercraft

Combing ideas isn't old. Here, one artist combines the two ideas of "Origami" and "Papercraft", and does it successfully. Yes, it's only a subtle technique, but,  it is a very powerful one. See for yourself in the Scorpion Robot papertoy by MCK:

(Photo by MCK)

If you don't know what I'm referring to, look at the legs of the scorpion robot. The legs are the very basic "Valley-fold" meets "Mountain-fold". This type of fold turns a flat piece of paper into a sturdy leg structure. And, with the application of several more, you are capable of building larger and even off balanced models.
This is indeed an innovation that deserves more exploration!

Future Applications

Papercraft has the potential to grow beyond game rips, 3d models and one pattern series. 
With a little incorporation of origami into papercraft, it evolves two worlds. 
So, what does the future hold for the papercraft world?
I don't know...But, I am constantly looking for new ideas like the two I've explored today. Really inspiring stuff!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

/E(Z) Upper Release 7/20

E(Z) Uppers Launch Postponed

Well, Bad news. 
After what I thought were the final templates, the last build shows that they still need a bit more tweaking to help solidify the design and help the toys live up to their namesake. I' m postponing the release for one more week to work this out.
There's really a lot of work that goes into designing papercraft. From planning to final product, there is a lot of building in between. And that is the time consuming part. It's fun building a model for the first time, but, after the ump-teenth time, there is very little joy. It is a patience builder for sure because it's really easy to just want to get it done and become sloppy, but accuracy is what you need to achieve in order to produce a quality toy.
I am happy with the way the toy looks when fully built, I just want to make sure "YOU" the builder enjoy the building. Take a look at the  final products.

Meet the Models

On the left we have the Musician. He's rocking a Fender Strat and a Boy Sets Fire shirt. He also has a stylish watch and studded bracelet. His weapon is hard hitting music that penetrates to the core, ideas of brotherhood and unity.
On the right we have the Artist. She's wearing a DIY "Question Authority" shirt, a checker sweat band on on arm, and an anarchy wrist watch on the other. She has a sketchbook where she keeps all her best laid plans, schemes and dreams to bring down the tyrannical oppressors of the people.

Look for them
On 7/20

Neon Neuron