Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paper-proofing Final Phase

Initiate launch Sequence>Epsilon(Zeta) Series 1:Fight With Tools

E(Z) Uppers: Fight With Tools is almost ready to launch. Final paper-proofs are currently underway. Here is an idea of what the first official release will look like:
This series will feature all sorts of switchable items and accessories! Change up hair and faces, mix and match accessories like bracelets, hats, belts and glasses.
There will be five(5) groups of at least five(5) characters per group. Each character will feature individual accessories and a "tool" of choice for fighting tyranny, fascism, despotism and all around abuse of power anywhere individual rights and freedom are being neglected.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Creation...Process.

Creating the E(Z) Upper

So, there is a lot going on right here, right now. I did a test build on the new toy ad while I'm pleased with the result this far, I see some areas that can still be  improved one before I release it to the two or three people who are interested.

The above image  shows some of the ares which need attention. While building the "paper-proof", I become aware of 1) the things I need to fix, and 2) the things I can change. Let's address the first.

I need to fix certain things for aesthetic and design reasons. An example would be the hair. I really want the hair to frame the face more, make the sides longer so it has a natural look, not like she is wearing a wig.

With this same example, I can change the hair by making it separate from the head. Like...A wig! Incorporating the wig idea, I can make a customizable toy that can be changed to the builders enjoyment.

This does two things for me. First, it refreshes my enthusiasm about the project, and second, it doubles my project time. Which, as an adverse effect, lowers my enthusiasm, again. 

But, I am so enamored of this new idea, that enthusiasm or no, I am willing to proceed. In fact, I am going to proceed.

So, I say to the two or three people who are following this process so far...

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something for the lovers

That's why you don't push mysterious buttons!

So, Wifey and I were surfing the ol' Netflix when we noticed a note between two thumbnails that said milk. Pretty much the above comic tells the whole story. In a more interesting way than reading these words that you are reading right now. All in all it was a pretty funny experience and should be for anyone who enjoys Arrested Development.

A New Mercurial Smile Comic Page!

Mercurial Update!

We've added another page to the never ending and excruciatingly slow saga of Mercurial Smile! In this episode, we see the inner workings of our humble narrator. But, what are those curious little beings that   have come to repair those inner works and is that guy floating?! 

Find out this and more only

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Neon Neuron: Small Update

What's New!

I'll tell you what's new! Just a little image to go 'round the home page slide show. Yeah, that's all. It also links to the download page so you can download and customize our new toy, Epsilon(Zeta) Upper. A series will be out in the future, but, until then you really should check it out for yourself!
Neon Neuron Title Artwork Comic Papercraft