Sunday, December 15, 2013

Neon Alpha Badger Custom

The Neon Badger Custom

I took the time to throw together a custom skin
for Marshall Alexander's papertoy Alpha Badger.

This was a fun model to put together. My over all design is based on the Neon Neuron. Gears, energy source and propulsion.

You can download the Neon Alpha Badger

Monday, December 9, 2013



So, I've been super busy lately!
A good kind of busy.
Redesigning an old model, 
finalizing a current model 
and working on new models!

The Paper Custodian helps me keep ideas fresh by
looking at what other creators are doing with paper.
Some really good things, really neat techniques
and some amazing innovations. 
If you haven't already, head over to TPC and
see some exciting papertoys by other creators!

Working on my own projects it very fulfilling, too!
And nearing completion on any model is such a great feeling,
I can't wait to share the designs with other builders and see my 
papertoys come to life. 

Here are some of the things I've been doing lately...

Argon Neuron

Here is look at how I've updated my papertoy Argon Neuron. I thought the first design was too plain. Since the template is very simple, I wanted the design to be more dynamic and textured.
 Here you can see some of the detail around Argon's body. The arms are designed to remove and replace, so you can change the position. I like the way the wings turned out, and the ability to curl her antenna or style it however you want.
 I changed some of her features here. I like the way she looks with her eyes closed, but, it was hard to see against the purple. I opted to make her eyes open. I also added more detail to her mouth to give it more depth. And, made her antenna thicker. I might end up adding different expressions, later on.

Walk Among Us!

 This is an old project of mine. The Rise Upper: Walk Among Us model. I created this about 2-3 years ago and at the time really liked the design. Quickly other things started happening and I began designing more toys. The demanded of my time was such that RU:WAU sat on the back burner for a while.
 I found this template in a stack of papertoys I printed out to build, but, the stack got shuffled around and move and put away until this past week; when I rediscovered and decided to build it. I think the time away has rekindled my fondness of the model.
Here you can see the details of the texture. I was inspired by the texture work and papertoys of VinsArt. He is still a big inspiration in how far papertoys can go. 
You can see his work >HERE<

The Walk Among Us model may be available later.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Head over to the Paper Custodians Workbench!

Today the Paper Custodian has a new friend to share!
It's Ely the Cyclops created by master craftsman Macula This is an easy project for all ages!
So, head over to TPC build blog and join in the fun.
Click >HERE< to go

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hey Neuronians, Check out the Paper Custodian build blog!!!

The Paper Custodian build blog updated with a new build! It's the Fiendly Leechoso created by {bay}{kid}{dead}.
Head over to the blog and find the links on where to download  and then build along with the Custodian of paper!
To the Craft Cave>>>HERE<

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Paper Custodian has updated!

Paper Custodian Updates!

After two weeks of nothing, The Paper Custodian has updated!
This weeks build is Anti-Poaching Mascot Genetically altered by paper toy creator Sinner.
Head over to the Paper Custodian now for links to download and a step-by-step guide to building
your own anti-poaching paper toy!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New things in the works!

I would first like to apologize for the Paper Custodian going on it's second week of inactivity. Here at the Neon Neuron, I am busy with a production that is consuming all of my resources. The new project is one I'm really excited about, because it is something that I have been trying to do for some time now.
I have been busy at work with my friend R. Gabriel at the Journey Through the Book blog working on starting a podcast!
YES! You heard right, we are working on a podcast. And, as with any new endeavor, it is not without it's trial and tribulations. The new podcast will be an eavesdrop typw cast and hopefully something that is fun and informative to the audience. You can join in soon with the campfire conversations of Troop 931!

So, next week I'll update TPC with a Genetically Altered papercraft from Sinner!
And, a podcast from the campfire!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Check out the Paper Custodian!

Paper Custodian Updates!

Today the Paper Custodian is sharing one of the 
Greatest treasures to the papercraft...or, Paperkraft community!
See what I did, there? If not,
head over the TPC build-blog 
And see what I talking about!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RUN: updates, updates, UPDATES!

Some Pretty Big Updates!

The Neon Neuron website is again open. I made some pretty big changes to the setup, trying to streamline things for all visitors.

First thing, I put ALL papertoys on the same page. This, to help reduce clicking and confusion! Now, it's all scrolling. I have also added an ARTWORK section, replacing the gallery. This page is images I post to my Tumblr, trying to create synergy amongst the social media.
I have some things in the works, new art, new toys and, I'll continue adjusting and updating as time permits. So, check back from time to time to see what's new. And if you like what you see, feel free to donate to help a little with the Neon Neuron Project. The link is located on the CONTACT page.

Friday, October 11, 2013

A New Build on the Paper Custodian Build Blog

Lieam of Mouse Guard by David Petersen

Paper Custodian entertains us with a new build!
From the whimsical mind of David Petersen,

It's the heroic LIEAM of Mouse guard.
Follow the process on The Paper Custodian Build Blog @:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updates: New Looks for the Blogs!

Revising the Neuroniverse, I did a little work to the Neon Neuron Blog and the Paper Custodian. If you see the difference:

Yeah, I changed the titles. I think they look a bit cleaner, now.

Still working on the main site, hoping to streamline it, further. The older site had too many pages, which meant, too many clicks. And, too many clicks gets boring, and a bit redundant. Am I right?

I encourage you to head over to the Paper Custodian blog to see the latest builds and our newest feature, Paper Custodian Shares! This week he's sharing the papertoy book URBAN PAPER. It's a good book to start your paper crafting adventures.

I'll get the main site back online soon, with a new toy debut!

So, hang on to yer' lug nuts, it's time fer an overhaul!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

We've got a new build on The Paper Custodian Build Blog!
This was a pretty easy craft to put together, but the final look is pleasing to the eye.
The instructions are a bit hard to follow, but if you've spent a lot of time with the craft, then it should be second nature.
Or, you could always follow along HERE>

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A New Mercurial Smile Comic!

A Mercurial Update!

See what I did there?

We have a sad story this week on the Mercurial Smile, but a valuable lesson.
You don't always get what you want. Yeah, that about sums it up.
If you'd really like to read it, You can find it here:

 ^Click here to go to the comics section^
^Any of these will take you to the relevant comics^

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Same file, Different color?

A New Challenge has Appeared! 
I've been working on another paper toy design and just when I thought I was ready to go live with it...
This happens...

I thought the calibration between my printer, screen and Illustrator were good. Not perfect, but, good.  Until today, when I went to print and this happened. 
All three colors were off. 
This is a little frustrating when you're trying to get something right before you send it out to the public, and you have an idea in your head of what it is you want. 
The worst part now, after discovering this, is trying to figure out how this is affecting all my work. 
I had to mess with the settings in Illustrator and with my printer to get these three different color schemes. The thing is, I want the paper crafting experience to be as simple as possible. I shouldn't, nor do I want to explain to the crafter how to adjust their color or print settings because of a mistake on my end. 
Live an keep learning!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Trials and Tribulations of Papercrafts...

The Workbench Toolkit...

     I learned quite a bit about tools of the trade while working on this last project for the Paper Custodian.
    First thing is, the quality of paper is always questionable. A few months ago we invested a few dollars in several packages of 'premium' matte photo paper we found on clearance at the local mega-mart. The paper is superbly bright, of heavy stock and it takes ink very well. One, thing it doesn't take kindly to is glue. Glue! This is probably due to the fact that photo-papers are coated with resin of some form or another. The glue sticks more to the resin than the paper, which doesn't create an ideal bond. I notice this before because parts of my papertoys were falling off when I would rearrange or move them from one shelf to another. In the far future, I'll just buy premium card stock from a brand like Wausau.  I've used their paper in the past with great results.
     Second thing is, I really need to build some sort of staging area. Something in a neutral color, with a decent backdrop and good lighting. The table clothes and cutting boards have a big effect on the quality of the pictures being taken; colors being inconsistent, lighting and shadow casting obscuring folds, tabs and lines.

     Lastly, I should always keep a damp rag handy for when I need to clean off tool, my hand or messes that can cause glue to smear on the craft. While most of the globs of dried glue are not visible to the naked eye, these blemishes are very evident when photographed with a flash.

    Live and learn, isn't that what they say?


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

E(Z) Uppers! Group 1 Complete

E(Z) Uppers Series:1 Group 1 Now Complete!

Finished with the first group of the Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers!  Series:1.
There will be a few more groups coming out, all of them based of the "Fight With Tools" theme.
This toy series was inspired by many things, culture, art, society, music and politics. I wanted to create something with a message, rather than something that just looks  cool. 

I also wanted to have something that anyone can build. Something "easy", which is where the name Epsilon(Zeta) originates. And, at the same time create something that could be easily relatable by everyone. 
I tried to incorporate a small bit of customization, so people can switch and combine elements from each toy. The hair, the faces, the accessories and the tools. So, while we have the Artist, the Musician, the Technologist, the Conservationist and the Laborer, you can easily trade and change items based on your own preferences and make each one unique.

This was, in effect, the culmination of that desire.

Don't just occupy space, Utilize Space!

Here we see how you can change the hair form one to another. There will be more hairstyles with the future releases. So, that's something to look forward. I also encourage customizing on the fly, make your own, DIY. Don't let these toys inhibit your creativity, utilize them a jump-off point into something else! Make your own tools.

E(Z) Uppers Series 1:"Fight With Tools"
Download NOW

Saturday, August 17, 2013

E(Z) Uppers! Laborer Now Available!

  You Are Not Your Job!
You Deserve
Living Wage! Health Care!
If You Don't Do their Dirty Work, Who Will?
You Are The Backbone Of This Country
They Need To Know it!

How do YOU fight? What are YOUR tools?
R.U. Ready to RISE UP?
E(Z) Uppers Series 1:"Fight With Tools" the second couple.
Download NOW

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Paper Custodian Updates after a Long Month of Hiatus!

A Long, unwelcome vacation from the paper craft workbench.

After too long away from the work bench, the Paper Custodian returns to the workbench with the Nice Paper Toys mascot...
Nice Paper Toy!
This was a fun build. Really fast and easy with hardly a complex moment. The hardest thing about Nice Paper Toy is cutting out his hands. But, as you can see above, the little details are worth the extra care and effort. 
I'd also like to add, that while you are visiting the Paper Custodian, you can relax without worrying about being sold something that you don't need because The Paper Custodian is...
So, enjoy your stay in the Neuroniverse.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Minor Update: Finally some links in the chain!

Neon Neuron: Updates!

So, it has been a couple weeks with very little on the updates, with papercrafts, arts and other things. Today, though, I was able to get some links added to the website link page!
Check it:

Pretty cool right? I hope so.
We got here, the "Cool Places" list.
If you need a place to go, surfing the net all aimless and bored, you can head to one of these inspiring links and have your head filled with amazing, wondrous things! Kinda' like Willy's chocolate factory...but, with paper!

I'm not trying to sell you a lemon!

Speaking of trying to sell lemons...
I've been using AdWords to see if it could help generate some extra income, which from a business perspective is the smart thing to do. However, I've been looking at some of the ads that are circulating on my blogs and I don't really feel like these products, items or services best represent what I believe in.
Basically, I don't want to try and sell something I wouldn't buy myself.
I'll be removing Adwords from all my pages, and in the process, losing a bunch of earning potential. It's a huge risk, but, I feel it's a necessary one to stay true to the Neon Neuron ideals.
Stay true, Peeps!
Michael P., Artist

Saturday, July 27, 2013

E(Z) Uppers! Series 1: Fight With Tools! The Second Couple

Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers...Series 1...Second Couple...GO!

"Citizen-Jounalist" sharing the news that corporate owned newscasters aren't paid to bring you!
"Tree-Huggers" protect our natural resources from depletion and destruction!

How do YOU fight? What are YOUR tools?

E(Z) Uppers Series 1:"Fight With Tools" the second couple.
Download NOW

Saturday, July 20, 2013

E(Z) Upper...ENGAGE!

Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers...Series 1...GO!

We are launching the Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! Series 1: Fight With Tools, today. 
Head over to the website and download the first couple.

Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! 
E(Z) Uppers! is a line of Neon Neuron Rise Uppers
Paper toy that are easy to assemble and fun to collect.
From Series to One-offs these are just the thing to spread the word, start a movement
or occupy space!
Find out more

Friday, July 19, 2013

07/14 Minor Update

Did a minor update in anticipation of the release of Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! Series 1: "Fight With Tools", which will be this Saturday, 7/20.
Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! 
E(Z) Uppers! is a line of Neon Neuron Rise Uppers
Paper toy that are easy to assemble and fun to collect.
From Series to One-offs these are just the thing to spread the word, start a movement
or occupy space!
Find out more
Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers! will be available for download Saturday 7/20

Monday, July 15, 2013

By Your Powers Combined!

Hexaflexagon, what!?

I saw this video today, and aside from being very impressed and mind-blown, I asked myself where was this when I was growing up. Not only is this a very well done video, with the production and all, it's also informative. VERY informative. Allow me to show you the video from Youtube user Vihart:

It gets the creative juices flowing. How can something like this be incorporated into designing papercraft? How can we break the threshold of static designs into something more interactive and innovativve? How!?

Origami hearts Papercraft

Combing ideas isn't old. Here, one artist combines the two ideas of "Origami" and "Papercraft", and does it successfully. Yes, it's only a subtle technique, but,  it is a very powerful one. See for yourself in the Scorpion Robot papertoy by MCK:

(Photo by MCK)

If you don't know what I'm referring to, look at the legs of the scorpion robot. The legs are the very basic "Valley-fold" meets "Mountain-fold". This type of fold turns a flat piece of paper into a sturdy leg structure. And, with the application of several more, you are capable of building larger and even off balanced models.
This is indeed an innovation that deserves more exploration!

Future Applications

Papercraft has the potential to grow beyond game rips, 3d models and one pattern series. 
With a little incorporation of origami into papercraft, it evolves two worlds. 
So, what does the future hold for the papercraft world?
I don't know...But, I am constantly looking for new ideas like the two I've explored today. Really inspiring stuff!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

/E(Z) Upper Release 7/20

E(Z) Uppers Launch Postponed

Well, Bad news. 
After what I thought were the final templates, the last build shows that they still need a bit more tweaking to help solidify the design and help the toys live up to their namesake. I' m postponing the release for one more week to work this out.
There's really a lot of work that goes into designing papercraft. From planning to final product, there is a lot of building in between. And that is the time consuming part. It's fun building a model for the first time, but, after the ump-teenth time, there is very little joy. It is a patience builder for sure because it's really easy to just want to get it done and become sloppy, but accuracy is what you need to achieve in order to produce a quality toy.
I am happy with the way the toy looks when fully built, I just want to make sure "YOU" the builder enjoy the building. Take a look at the  final products.

Meet the Models

On the left we have the Musician. He's rocking a Fender Strat and a Boy Sets Fire shirt. He also has a stylish watch and studded bracelet. His weapon is hard hitting music that penetrates to the core, ideas of brotherhood and unity.
On the right we have the Artist. She's wearing a DIY "Question Authority" shirt, a checker sweat band on on arm, and an anarchy wrist watch on the other. She has a sketchbook where she keeps all her best laid plans, schemes and dreams to bring down the tyrannical oppressors of the people.

Look for them
On 7/20

Neon Neuron

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paper-proofing Final Phase

Initiate launch Sequence>Epsilon(Zeta) Series 1:Fight With Tools

E(Z) Uppers: Fight With Tools is almost ready to launch. Final paper-proofs are currently underway. Here is an idea of what the first official release will look like:
This series will feature all sorts of switchable items and accessories! Change up hair and faces, mix and match accessories like bracelets, hats, belts and glasses.
There will be five(5) groups of at least five(5) characters per group. Each character will feature individual accessories and a "tool" of choice for fighting tyranny, fascism, despotism and all around abuse of power anywhere individual rights and freedom are being neglected.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Creation...Process.

Creating the E(Z) Upper

So, there is a lot going on right here, right now. I did a test build on the new toy ad while I'm pleased with the result this far, I see some areas that can still be  improved one before I release it to the two or three people who are interested.

The above image  shows some of the ares which need attention. While building the "paper-proof", I become aware of 1) the things I need to fix, and 2) the things I can change. Let's address the first.

I need to fix certain things for aesthetic and design reasons. An example would be the hair. I really want the hair to frame the face more, make the sides longer so it has a natural look, not like she is wearing a wig.

With this same example, I can change the hair by making it separate from the head. Like...A wig! Incorporating the wig idea, I can make a customizable toy that can be changed to the builders enjoyment.

This does two things for me. First, it refreshes my enthusiasm about the project, and second, it doubles my project time. Which, as an adverse effect, lowers my enthusiasm, again. 

But, I am so enamored of this new idea, that enthusiasm or no, I am willing to proceed. In fact, I am going to proceed.

So, I say to the two or three people who are following this process so far...

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something for the lovers

That's why you don't push mysterious buttons!

So, Wifey and I were surfing the ol' Netflix when we noticed a note between two thumbnails that said milk. Pretty much the above comic tells the whole story. In a more interesting way than reading these words that you are reading right now. All in all it was a pretty funny experience and should be for anyone who enjoys Arrested Development.

A New Mercurial Smile Comic Page!

Mercurial Update!

We've added another page to the never ending and excruciatingly slow saga of Mercurial Smile! In this episode, we see the inner workings of our humble narrator. But, what are those curious little beings that   have come to repair those inner works and is that guy floating?! 

Find out this and more only

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Neon Neuron: Small Update

What's New!

I'll tell you what's new! Just a little image to go 'round the home page slide show. Yeah, that's all. It also links to the download page so you can download and customize our new toy, Epsilon(Zeta) Upper. A series will be out in the future, but, until then you really should check it out for yourself!
Neon Neuron Title Artwork Comic Papercraft

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Customize New Toy, Epsilon (Zeta) Uppers!

E(Z) Upper!

I've been working on a couple new toys, lately and one is almost ready for release!
Right now,
We're looking for anyone who likes to customize!
Click on the link below
Download the customizable PDF file!
Send all Submission to:
NeonNeuron1 (at)
The idea behind the Epsilon(Zeta) Uppers, was to design a toy that was simple and fun to put together. Which is a challenge for me because I tend to over do it, a lot. 

Neon Neuron Title Artwork Comic Papercraft

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Alot of Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Bringing home the "Smile"

Well, now!
It's been sometime, hasn't it?
But, we have a few things new to celebrate...if that becomes the case.
We've moved one of our blog-comics (Mercurial smile) to the Home-site, and now it's a sorta' web-comic, I guess. But, we'll be keeping the blog for updating purposes and who knows...maybe a "work in progress" blog, so's you can see the process and all.

We've brought music back to the Main page, too, and would like to thank Boy Sets Fire for that!

We've also got something new in the works, but, more on that later, right now, you should head over to Neon Neuron and read comics and download some papertoys!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Neon Neuron Update: 041113

Instructions Button!

Added a new "Instruction" button to the Rise Uppers page. So, for all those who need a little visual assistance on assembling your new Retro Engine, simply click and then follow the step by step pictures. Pretty soon you'll have your own Retro Engine keeping order and balance in you little corner of the universe!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are back!

Neon Neuron is live and in full effect!

Check out the new layout and have a look around.
Download some papertoys and read our latest comic!
We have the amazing Neon Engine:Retro papertoy for all to download!
Neon Engine is a robot that helps maintain order and balance around the multiple universe
and now, you can have your very own!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Website Update!

Neon is updating!

The website will updated soon! A few more tweaks and modifications and we'll be up and running. We'll also be bringing back a hard working Neon!
Stay tuned for more updates!