Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Custodians Log 004.00

Custodian Log:004.0


Oh-Ho! What have we here?
     My first attempt to try and color! And, Well, it could've been worse, right? 
     This was a long process. As you can probably tell, the palette is a simple one: red, yellow and blue.
The lighting, a hard one. It's supposed to be ambient lighting, but, if you look at the direction of the shadows, the light seems to be coming from some of page light source. Which is totally evident in the first panel; where the Engines lighting source is off to the left of the page, and the last panel, which is the same.
     The chains could've been brighter to help them pop off the page page. As it stands now, It's all kind of flat. Oh well. Crash and Burn; live and learn.

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