Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Custodians Log 003.00

Custodian Log:003.0


This was the third page for the intro comic to the Neon Neuron website. Not much to say about this one. I think it's okay. Using the chains as framing elements is still in the works. Or, I have no idea what I'm doing if you want to be a jerk about it. 
     I was playing with speech and timing with this page. Using bubbles to separate the words was supposed to slow things down and give a sense of confusion. Let you in on the mood that the Custodian was feeling.
     I think, now, that the chains have too much a prominent role in the visuals right now, add their ambiguity and the whole thing just gets a bit confusing. When I go back and finish this story, I'll make the chains a tad more subtle by fading them or using thinner lines.  
     I do like the way the Custodian seems to be looking back up at the still broken Engine from the bottom of the page. 

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