Thursday, October 18, 2012

Custodian Log:002.0

Custodian Log:002.0 


This was the second comic done as an introduction to the Neon Neuron website.
     Two panels...Two whole panels. There was really more to it, but, once again under time constraints I cut a full page down to two panels. It was a really interesting exercise in hindsight, taking five panels and cutting it down to two. These were the two most relevant panels on the page and funny enough, were pretty much all that was needed to get the point across.
     I won't say I'm a fan of compressed story telling, I much prefer decompression. I like being able to portray nuances in moods, feelings and actions.  The old say goes, "...the thing about subtlety is, nobody notices." I like to think subtlety is there for a more observant viewer. The person looking behind the curtain, or peering down the rabbit whole. The "Custodians Log:002.0" is a very poor example of this.
     Yeah...I'm pretty ashamed about it.

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